All this has been exacerbated by me damaging our “good” car by scraping a wall which pulled off the entire front bumper. As a new South African friend muses, “Your car has a shave,” which I reply, ”Yes, just like its owner.”

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2014-02 Besttimes

So long…Farewell

Family with vuvuzelacopy2

Our family is on the plane now. Bags are packed and hearts our full. As we leave our American family and friends, we feel encouraged and recharged. The Lord has done great things and we rejoice in his power and goodness. Please be praying for a safe journey. We will depart at 8:40pm, have a brief layover in London and arrive early Wednesday morning in Cape Town, South Africa.

Thank you for being a part of our journey with the Lord and the Best Times.

Yours in Christ,
Leon, Melanie, Leon Mack, Noel and Nala


For the next three years, Leon and I will continue our adventure with the Lord for the plans He has for our family and the Campus Crusade for Christ ministry in the Western Cape. Looking ahead, we are reminded of the importance to wait on the Lord and keeping our eyes on Him. The Lord in his graciousness gives us glimpses of his work in the lives of others.

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What kind of a report will they bring back? Will God confirm their calling to Cape Town? These were the questions that filled my head. Here is what the Lord showed them and taught them during their visit.

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Nala suggested that this month we talk about courage in our newsletter. I asked her if she knew the meaning of courage. “Courage is being bold as you tell people about Jesus. You have to have lots of strength to do what God has called you to do,”

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