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Training time for student leaders and volunteers
Training time for student leaders and volunteers

We are swiftly coming to the end of 2014 school year. What a year of transition and trusting God to show His power. Last month, I shared that we challenged the students involved in our weekly events to commit to discipleship. As a team, we knew this would be difficult because the last term is full of exams and preparation for finals.

When we sat in our staff meeting last week, we looked at a list of 20 students who have engaged in follow up and training since September. Over half of these students have learned more about assurance of salvation and what it means to be accepted by God. Charlotte, our team member, asked one student about her experiences. Below is her response:

“I will never forget the very first training meeting that Leon Best gave; “Confidence”. It was pretty much due to the answer that he gave that kept me coming back every week for more. Even though I had accepted Christ into my life a long time ago, I had struggled to develop a set time to spend with Him on daily basis. I feel it was the resources that were made available to me through the training sessions allowed me to both enhance my quiet time as well as develop confidence in my knowledge and understanding of who God is and my identity in Christ.

CCC(Campus Crusade for Christ) came at a time in my life when I was starting to use my own strength to complete tasks and my own understanding to go through life. I was slowly starting to pull away from God. At the time I blamed it on the work load of Pharmacy, hence I falsely justified spending less and less time in God’s presence or with him at all. It was during this chaotic season of my life that Leon Best posed a question that confronted and pulled at my heart. He asked us to determine on a scale of 1-10 how confident we felt that we would go to heaven if we had to die in that very instant. At the time my answer was not 10 and I knew that with God its either you are in or out. A question ran through my mind: ‘Why am I not 10/10 certain?’ It was from that very first meeting that my soul’s thirst for more information grew.”

Pray now as we plan a leaders’ retreat for 16 and 17 November. We are challenging the students to take a steps of faith. Pray that if they hear God’s voice they will say, “Here, I am. Send me.”!(Isaiah 6:8)

Yours in Christ,
Melanie Best

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