Personal Update

Everything is the same as the year before; silent. The doctor vertical blinds. My wife lies on the sterile mattress, like before. The doctor prepares her medical device, and pushes the button. A low hum crescendos, and a visual appears on the monitor. Kaleidoscope of white, black and gray images saturate the screen as the instrument probes my wife. I am hushed viewing the movements of our doctor. She searches and locates a precious sphere. My breathing stilled, and I am affixed to the monitor. The physician zooms onto the spherical object to amplify. In that moment, every auditory muscle flexes. Silence, but just for a moment, then bursting forth the heartbeat, and its loud pounding and rapid rhythm serenades my ears. Life.

Melanie is pregnant! Our journey through previous miscarriages, the last one as recently as a year ago, tempers my emotions -My son, my fears. Melanie is ten weeks, and we are excited about the pregnancy. Our child’s arrival will be in June 2016.

Thank you for your prayers


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