Couch Time Reflections


Couch time, an evening ritual Leon and I instituted after dinner to share our day’s experiences with one another. Our children do their compulsory chores cleaning the kitchen, giving my husband and me uninterrupted time on the couch to reflect.

We began 2015 celebrating a milestone of 15 years working with Campus Crusade. As I hear the clanking of dishes, I am reminded I have a pre-teen starting grade seven, a blossoming girl in grade 6, and a baby-no-more girl in grade four. Leon rubs my belly and smiles. We are excited about our newest family member ‘Baby Best’ who will arrive in June. The end of 2015 brought happiness of the new arrival, but also brought sad farewells with the departures of the Tompkins and Charlotte Crabbe, our 2015 stinters.

December began with travel for Leon, Noel’s birthday, my birthday and seeing God mobilize individuals to share the Gospel on the train and the beaches of Cape Town. South African new staff member Renier van Onselen took some student leaders of our movements and did beach outreaches. The group saw people make decisions for Christ and discover potential student leaders. Leon and I also received very encouraging news from our dear friend from church, Eric.

Eric attended a marriage retreat led by a Campus Crusade teammate in November. Leon received a message late one Saturday night requesting 10 Four Spiritual Laws and 10 Spirit-Filled Life booklets. Eric was really encouraged to share his faith daily as he took the train to work. Then the following week, we received the same request again. Eric shared this amazing report:

“.. With your help and with God’s grace we have reached out to about 10 people. It is amazing to see people respond to the content of the booklet. I wish to have first time believers but God is only bringing those who need to recommit their lives to the Lord. Nevertheless, I thank God for being a voice to bring them back to Him…Day to day I saw God at work. Please pray as I look for souls to reach.” Eric is sharing his faith. With the end of the year, there is time for reflection and resting and looking forward to 2016.

As we enter this new year, Leon and I are trusting God to surface 5 men and 5 women who are committed to Christ and ready to share the Gospel and make disciples to build God’s kingdom. We need God’s wisdom, Godly discernment and time management. Please pray with us and let us know if you have any prayer request.

Yours in Christ,
Melanie Best

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