The Aftermath

UCT and UWC students after weekly meeting
UCT and UWC students after weekly meeting

The 6th week of the university calendar marks an important milestone each year. During this time our engaged students conclude their 1st terms. This pause allows everyone to evaluate their six weeks of ministry planning to see what God is doing, and we saw movements develop. God used their faithfulness and time to reach out to their peers. I would like to thank you so much for your prayers, although our campuses experienced some protesting, classes were not severely impacted.

University of Cape Town (UCT) student leaders met and prayed about the ways they could trust God to reach their school. Every Wednesday, the leaders met to cover basic topics like God’s love, forgiveness, assurance of salvation and fruit of the Spirit. The student leaders took turns in facilitating and teaching these talks. In addition to their weekly meetings, the students sought to engage their peers with the Gospel weekly. Jessie, a US stinter on this team, built a relationship with a student on study abroad at UCT who had questions about Christianity. Through Jessie’s life and words, God gave her an opportunity to point the young lady to Christ and she decided to give her life to the Lord. Pray for Jessie as she helps this student grow in her faith.

On the last week of the UCT six week’s plan, the student leaders used their spring breaks to do an outreach on another campus in the city in order to launch a new movement. They travelled to Stellenbosch University (SU) to learn about the campus and begin to reach out to the students. My daughters, Noel and Nala, accompanied Leon to SU for the outreach. God gave them a very special assignment.

Standing near the student center at SU, Leon motioned for a young man to come and chat with him and the girls. To Leon’s surprise, the young man revealed he met Leon six years ago on campus, and recently returned to SU to complete his studies. The young man name Divhani, remembered Leon sharing the gospel to him. Astounded Leon asked how his journey with God was going. Divhani divulged the lingering doubts about his salvation and lack of growth. Noel shared of her assurance of salvation, explaining not because of what she has done, but what Christ had done by dying for our sins and she believes – from the mouths of babes! At that point, Leon shared about the ministry of the Holy Spirit which encouraged Divhani to live the Spirit-filled life.

Thanks for praying and being a part of building movements in South Africa.

Yours in Christ,

Melanie Best

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