“That is Unbelievable”

In the last few months, I have said this phrase numerous times. From the arrival of our newest addition and Leon taking on a new role overseeing all Campus Crusade for Christ – SA (CCCSA) ministries in the Western Cape Province. Most recently, Leon received an email titled “Thank You” that absolutely took my breath away. The message below reminded me of God’s faithfulness. He is mighty to save!

Muhammad* wrote:

“I am a student at UWC (The University of the Western Cape) and the purpose of this email as you saw in the description box is just to say thank you.

I am pretty sure that you probably forgot who I am but about 2 years ago you approached my friend and I at the library steps. You asked us about having a relationship with Christ. At that moment I was still Muslim and didn’t really fully understand the terminology and true meaning of having a relationship with God through Christ. That same day you asked if I’d like to say the prayer to invite Christ into my life, I did and didn’t take it seriously because I was still very conflicted and scared to make any drastic changes in my life. Two years passed and I finally accepted Christ into my life and the experience is so overwhelming but overwhelming in a good way. I am now a member at a church close to home and also joined the youth group.

The Holy Spirit truly guided me from that day until now, therefore I thank you for your love for Christ and spreading the word. I came across this booklet you gave me today and realized how my life is now truly Christ directed.”

I planted, Apollos watered but it is God that gives the increase. We celebrate this brother’s new life in Christ. It has been our privilege to share the Gospel with students.

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