Glowing Embers


The year-old embers of the #FeesMustFall protest burst into flames recently on South African campuses. Young people’s distress of annual tuition fee increases evolved to demands of free higher education. For the past two weeks, violence and vandalism caused by protesters has shut down major universities. Students frustrated by government officials’ unwillingness to come to the negotiation table. While shocked officials demand property destruction from protesters must cease. Yet again, the country is at a crossroads for the future of its young leaders.

In May, Leon was asked to assume a leadership role of overseeing all Western Cape Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) ministries in addition to his National Catalytic SLM role. As we looked at the direction of this ministry, we realized the need for him to step into this position to give direction and leadership to the team. One of the responsibilities for Leon has been to be a spokesperson for CCC in our province. This month Leon spoke on a Cape Town Christian radio station to share about CCC and #FeeMustFall protests. Leon was asked to share his thoughts on the crisis at the universities and what Christian leaders must do.

Leon expressed to the radio listeners to allow prayer to guide their actions, so they can be part of the solution to this crisis on campuses. He is convinced more than ever that sharing the Gospel of Christ and making disciples of young believers is the only solution to this crisis at the universities. Leon asked pastors listening to mentor two young men in their congregation. My wife and I are continuing to engage our student leaders by giving them direction in the midst of this conflict.

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