Coast to Coast: July 10, 2017

Today, we went to the embassy. Unfortunately, we are still waiting. There is hope that the break through is coming. Two documents are required and must be included with a particular document. One document was inadvertently left out by Leon and me and our contract needs to be revised. We now have clarity.

I must say, there has been a pattern with our South African representative at the embassy. I feel like he is becoming a friend. Usually when I leave, certain phrases stand out to me from our conversations. Today, the word was perseverance. As I have been talking with the Lord, things have been made clearer to me. God reminded me of this verse:

We are not done, God is not done with us and this process. There are more lessons to learn – lessons on patience, wisdom, love and joy in trials. Let us hear James’ word and apply them to our lives.

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