Wait…a little more?

2018, a new year in ministry! I had hoped to celebrate with everyone in this newsletter that we were able to complete the final step for our journey back to South Africa.  We have placed a deposit on our new rental home in Cape Town. Through our generous ministry partners, we purchased flights back to SA.

However, a week ago, my family stepped into the office of the South African Embassy to complete this year-long process.  I readied the documents and the proof we purchased six flights from Houston to Cape Town arriving February 21. Melanie and I are blessed with wonderful ministry partners who have allowed us to accomplish this requirement.  A back and forth discussion ensued with officials.  Finally, they explained the supervisor required to process our documents would not return to the office until the end of the month.  My family’s experience with the SA embassy has been frustrating, comical and downright unbelievable. We were disappointed, but no tears were shed this time.  My family held hands outside the stately building and prayed.  Afterwards another disappointed family saw are actions, and asked if they could pray for us, this was a divine gesture as we all prayed.  We realized God was in control. We hope this most recent setback doesn’t affect our 21 Feb flights back to Cape Town. Continue to pray with us. The Best family perseveres which produces character; and character, hope (Romans 5:4).  It was also exciting to be able to purchase affordable tickets to travel to DC on February 3.



Leon and Melanie Best

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