Instant Connections

I enjoy pioneering spiritual movements.  My ministry disposition caused a friend to ask me to come help in South Africa many years ago.  As time progressed, my role evolved to train new staff and develop ministry strategies to reach the province.  I am intentional about carving time in my schedule to always be on a university campus during the week.  In August, I visited False Bay College-Khayelitsha.  I’ve stepped foot on many campuses in Cape Town, but this time two volunteers, Sonwabile and Akhona, decided to travel with me to see how I do things.  Sonwablie, a college student, I met him when he participated with our US missions’ teams in July.  His university was on break and he wanted to learn more about Campus Crusade for Christ in Cape Town.  Akhona, a former educator, I met him years ago when our organization was partnering with a church in Khayelitsha.  I called these two young men to see if they would like to join me at this new campus in their community.

With our first steps sharing the gospel on campus, these two enjoyed their time reaching future leaders.  Sonwabile expressed his joy knowing he was changing people’s direction in life.  I stepped back and observed how they interacted with students in Xhosa and English languages.  They made instant connections into students’ lives that would have taken months for me to understand or be revealed to me by students.  One funny interaction involved how a student leader at False Bay College saw me.

“It is good to have a White man involved, because It gives your ministry status,” I looked around the small group and saw four Black men including myself.  What White man?  I realized quickly the White man the student leader referred to was me!  I grinned at Akhona and remarked, “He just called me White.”  We laughed together, but I understood the Xhosa volunteers needed to lead.  I modelled ministry skills to these men, and they applied them immediately.  Their excitement generated ideas on how to start a movement on this campus. Speaking in their home language, the students told the volunteers they would like to go to a Christian camp to learn more about God on their September break at the end of the month.

Pray for Akhona, Sonwabile and me as we work together to put on this Christian camp.



Leon Best, Jr.


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