My wife received her degree in Biology. When I perused through her lab during our dating years, the scientific space was filled with numerous plants in different phases of germination, the process of a seed growing to a seedling.  She enjoyed seeing her seeds sprout.

A few years ago, during Catalytic outreach week (read Best Times March 2015), I scouted False Bay College – Fish Hoek.  Although the administrators were receptive, they would not allow us to begin a Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) movement at the college.  The seed planted.

After years of prayer, a False Bay College coordinator recently contacted a CCC staff member and explained the college desired a group that would “support Christian work among students.” The seed germinated.

In January, new CCC staff member Gail and I arrived on the Fish Hoek campus with our banner and materials to advertise for the CCC movement.  We completed setting up our CCC table before the college students entered the cafeteria area.  I decided to begin a spiritual conversation with a young man outside the cafeteria.  He shared his name was Jedidiah. Because of his biblical name, I asked if his parents were religious, “Very.”  He expressed he feared God, but did not trust the Bible, because others used it to deceive his people and take his ancestors’ land.  Then he discussed how he loved his culture, but he felt Christians demonized his culture therefore he sees the bible as counterproductive for his life.  Being familiar with his culture, I encouraged him by sharing that I see expressions of God in his culture.  I challenged him to read the Bible again, and to come learn more at our CCC group on campus.  Please pray Jedidiah will attend the new CCC group at False Bay College in Fish Hoek.

Gail led the first group on Monday, 18 February, and 4 students with diverse spiritual backgrounds enjoyed their experience.  Pray for this new CCC movement which meets on Mondays.  The seed spouted!


Leon Best


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