“He shared he didn’t eat last week!”

Food insecurity is a new term I have learned at the university.  It means a lack of reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable, nutritious food.  A recent report shared 48% of students on US campuses feel food insecure.  When I did ministry in the US our best tool to gather students was pizza.  In South Africa, food insecurity on university campuses is over 50%. 

At the top universities in Cape Town, many come from affluent families, or have family members who live near the campus. However, some of the best and brightest come from rural areas and small towns in the Western Province.  These young adults left home and family to pursue a better education which they hope will give them more opportunity for employment.  Our UWC student Merlin (Best Times: 30 July 2018) came from an old farming town called Beaufort West.  He pursues a degree in education and runs athletics for the university.  Last year, Merlin, a student leader involved with our ministry to sportsmen called Athletes in Action (AIA), decided to dedicate more time to our ministry by becoming an associate staff member.  His hope is to complete his studies and become full-time staff to address the spiritual famine on the campus. 

Recently, a teammate revealed this startling confession about Merlin’s food insecurity.  Studying, competing and discipling can be stressful and now worrying about your next meal can be unbearable.  Our team is now addressing his situation. 

Each year, food has always been one of my top three ministry expenses.  Jesus was a great model, using food as a tool in discipleship.  Thank you for your prayers and financial support because your gifts have allowed me to provide not only spiritual food, but physical food.

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