Photo by Rumman Amin on Unsplash

Load shedding caused robots to be out of sync and with trains being less reliable, this meant more vehicles on the road during February.  On one heavily trafficked morning, all my daughters were finally delivered at their schools, then my wife and I headed to our Campus Crusade for Christ office.  Turning onto our exit from the highway, the que of cars was unusually long.  As Melanie and I inched closer we saw the culprit.  A stalled compact vehicle with its flashers telling people to go around on either side. 

On the left of the vehicle hindrance, a narrow passage allowed cars to wedge between the curved boundary.  On the right side of the vehicle a heavier flow of three lane traffic.  I decided to take the narrow path to pass the impediment.  Peered into the stalled compact, I saw an agitated young person inside.  Glanced at Melanie and she understood what I needed to do, so we parked in a safe place.  I proceeded to walk into oncoming traffic to reach the stalled car.  Analyzed the situation, planned to push the car to the safe area out of traffic. 

As I approached the vehicle, the agitated driver expressed the car was not starting and kept turning the key in the ignition and the car was unresponsive.  I told anxious person to put the car in neutral.  I went behind the car and pushed with all my strength.  The car was on a slight incline, but it was insignificant; however, the compact sedan didn’t budge.  I just had a birthday, I’m 40 something, no one walking around to help, I am wearing business casual and maybe my dress shoes aren’t getting enough traction.  These are the thoughts crowding my mind as I return to the driver from my failed attempt at pushing the vehicle to safety.  The answer came to me what was wrong.  The individual in the driver’s seat was still trying to start the car.  I looked over to the console, and told the driver, “Put the emergency brake down!”

This past month I had initial year conversations with each of my 14 team members.  They shared their plans for how they were going to reach ministry objectives and develop personally.  Please continue to pray the Lord will give me wisdom how to encourage teammates and He will reveal to me when they need to put their “emergency brakes” down.  This allows me to push them to a safe area.


Leon Best

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