22 July highlighted my ministry calendar after our team meeting in February.  Activate was an ambitious plan to have our entire provincial team to minister on the campus of the University of the Western Cape (UWC). We hoped to expose students and lecturers to all our ministry strategies by reaching rising athletes, influencing idealistic educators, engaging enterprising entrepreneurs, and sharing to studious undergraduates.  Covid-19 occurred, and a hard-countrywide lockdown ensued, but my team did not allow this pandemic to cancel our ministry event. 

              Activate was reimagined into an online event.  The online outreach transformed to help train our online audience to reach others with the gospel by highlighting our creative mobile applications.  The one-hour Facebook Live event spotlighted Soularium, Jesus Film and Thrive mobile apps.  We were encouraged by the hundreds of views to our event, but what encouraged me the most was an email message I received after the outreach from a former disciple.  Grayson, a former UWC student, was one of the first men I had the pleasure to disciple. 

              When I reconnected with him, Grayson shared he was married with kids.  He desired helped with a mobile app.  Grayson is leading a small online men’s group from his church.  I connected him to the Thrive mobile app, and even sent him articles from the app.  He appreciated the help and was excited about Thrive.  I am glad to see the immediate effects from our Activate outreach.  Continue to pray for my team to thrive during this pandemic.  We are committed to win people to Christ, build them in their faith and send them out to do the same even during this pandemic.


Leon Best

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