Making Scents

Esmari and Melanie at Stellenbosch University

As Esmari and I sat around the table speaking to Thando, a first-year student at Stellenbosch University, one Thursday morning. Both of us smiled at one another as we realized the great importance of our ministry and others like ours. I was introduced to Thando through an Instagram campaign where we encouraged varsity student to reach out if they desired to know God.  As we chatted with Thando, the last two years of training started to make sense to Esmari. There were many times when I thought, it was just too difficult to translate the practical ministry experience to Esmari.  Constant lockdowns made it impossible for us to reach out.  During one of our training times, God used this verse to ignite the perseverance required to press on with training.

…I (Paul) planted the seed, Apollos watered the plants, but God made you grow…”

                                                                                                                        I Corinthians 3:6

            In our weekly New Staff Training talks, I have seen my new staff, Esmari, grow in confidence and awareness of how to find new and young believers in this digital space.  God has determined when and how Esmari will apply what she is learning to her personal ministry.  I don’t control the growth. I must trust that he will provide the increase on His schedule. Not only is God at work in my life – increasing patience, prayer, grace, and love. He will sometimes allow me to see or hear how He is working in the lives of the women that I train and disciple.

            In the last two months, Esmari has begun online ministry with students in different areas of the country. She shares the Gospel online and begins follow-up of these new believers. She also led our Western Cape team initiate an online outreach for Women’s Month in South Africa called “Proverbs 31 Woman Today”. It has been beautiful to see her faith stretched at moments when she wanted to give up and walk away. God is making her into the missionary that will be flexible and agile for this new normal. I observe how God provides opportunities for her to seek God in prayer and to activate faith steps daily. 

            It was so amazing to see how this year despite the challenges, God is growing her faith, hope and love in so many ways. Please pray for Esmari as she completes her New Staff Training in the next month.


                                                                                          Melanie Best


Leon will have sinus surgery on 31 August. Hence the title ! Please pray.

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