Leon & the “Seoul Stealers”

Three cult members and Leon sitting in a coffee shop…

              At the shop, decadent pastries captured my eyes and aromatic coffees permeated my nostrils. I indulged in an immoral hot chocolate when three twentysomethings cornered me in my sensually soft chair.

              After comparing Covid stories: their friend was a 30-year-old father who left behind a wife and two kids, and me losing a 40-year-old friend who contracted it while taking care of his dying Covid positive mother, we discussed the reason for our meeting.

              “Why are you meeting with this group?” my wife asked me the night before. I am intrigued by who becomes involved with cults. I define these deviant groups as movements that have a Christian background but deny one or more of the fundamentals of biblical truth. These three twentysomethings were part of a group originating from Korea, I will refer to them as the Seoul Stealers*.

              I inquired about the young adults’ family backgrounds, and two were preacher’s kids (PKs). I asked one PK what their parents thought of their involvement. They shared their parents allowed them to pursue knowledge. They also intimated the loneliness they felt because they would be left alone at night while their parents travelled to care for church members. Another PK explained Seoul Stealers always utilized the Bible when answering their questions. I enjoyed my conversation with these engaging individuals, but my heart broke because of their involvement with a cult.

              Living in South Africa, I have been exposed to cults from Africa, the Americas, and Asia. Some cults intentionally attract people with church backgrounds. Enticing un-discipled people to their communities by providing semi-divine leaders who have the answers has become their modus operandi. Your prayers and financial giving have allowed me to share with many the gospel and expose them to Biblical truth. It has been a blessing to disciple young adults in South Africa to combat these counterfeit Christian groups.

Photo by nappy from Pexels

              Our current South African work permits are expiring, and my wife and I decided to return to the US on home assignment. After twelve years of focused ministry in South Africa, my family and I are returning to Houston, TX to reconnect and refresh. Please pray for our preparations to return to the USA.

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