Off Season

Family Photo at 2022 Missions Conference Houston, TX

The 2022 Homecoming season has inundated our household. This American tradition I was happy to leave behind when I sought refuge in Cape Town. Returning to experience a Texas-sized, football crazed, mum decadent homecoming was quite the assault to the senses. My daughters thrusted themselves into this high school tradition. One is on drill team and demonstrated dexterity with high kicks and splits with her dance troupe. My other daughter blared on her saxophone with the marching band serenading the audience. Finally, my six-year-old clutching her box of buttery popcorn, enjoyed the halftime presentations from the stands on the comfort of her daddy’s lap. Just another day resettling into American life.

Noel an Nala Homecoming 2022

Ten months in the States, I have shared words at my maternal grandfather’s funeral and preached at my paternal grandmother’s church for her 85th birthday celebration. Melanie and I attended an uplifting marriage conference with friends. I participated in two mission conferences. The most recent mission event was at my local church. It was a pleasure to share our story to the student ministry and 1st & 2nd grade class. Elle, our 1st grader, joined us up on stage and we taught the Best Family Creed to the children. “God is real. The Bible is true. And Jesus died for me and you. How do I know, the Holy Spirit told me, so!” Noel and Nala, my high school senior and junior, also led the 6- and 7-year-olds with a dance they learned in South Africa.  

Since my American homecoming, I have spoken with ministry leaders and ministry friends as they help brief me on ministry in the States. Due to changes in leadership, Cru has allowed me and Melanie to take a ministry sabbatical beginning 1 November. This designed time will give us time to recover from an intense season of ministry and allow us to gain new perspectives by pursuing God during this sabbath rest. Like an athlete during off-season, we will continue to “work out and train,” but enjoy a hiatus from the “intense competition.” I am encouraged Cru gives staff this gift, and we will utilize it in time for harvest celebrations.

Elle is excited about the upcoming fall festivals in the US; Halloween & Thanksgiving. Noel is busy completing college applications and Nala took the PSAT this week. Please pray for our family during this period. We will continue to send updates of what God is teaching us during our spiritual off-season.


Leon Best

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