U.S. Sangoma*

Leon and Melanie attending seminar on Houston Highways panel at Rice University.

Coming off our sabbatical and meeting with Cru leaders we are excited to begin ministry in the most diverse city in the US – Houston, TX! The fourth most populous city in the country, H-town hosts the NCAA® Men’s Final Four® this weekend. Unfortunately, after disappointing results from University of Houston and University of Texas during the second weekend of the basketball tournament, no Texas schools will be competing. Congratulations to my Floridian friends for having two universities representing your state.

Melanie and I have begun our official transfer from international missions to work with Cru City. In this Cru division, we continue our passion of connecting people to Jesus and building them in their faith. Cru City allows us to build a unique network of good to create change together. Melanie and I desire to minister in under-resourced Houston communities to form partnerships to reach the next generation of leaders in schools, marketplaces, and communities.

This past weekend, my wife and I attended the Black Houston(s) Symposium at Rice University and the African American Library at the Gregory School. Symposium contributors shared how minority communities have impacted Houston’s history and culture as well as examined the emerging and ongoing issues Houstonians face in the 21st century. I met a young man named “Carl” who I would describe as a US traditional healer. In South Africa, he would be called a sangoma. His syncretistic faith and eclectic wardrobe appealed to guests at the event. Melanie and I understand the importance of engaging in these scholarly think tanks because our desire is for Godly influences not to be absent from these spaces. My wife and I are excited about future collaborative efforts with new networks we are forging to see more people reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Leon Best Jr.

*Sangoma not pictured

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