This March I had an overheated schedule with hosting three US mission team, organizing a cycling charity group, rescuing my wife from an overheated car three hours away in a small town and did I forget to mention we are fully engaged in toilet training our youngest daughter, Elle.  Reflecting over this ministry and life-filledContinue reading “Overheated”


My wife received her degree in Biology. When I perused through her lab during our dating years, the scientific space was filled with numerous plants in different phases of germination, the process of a seed growing to a seedling.  She enjoyed seeing her seeds sprout. A few years ago, during Catalytic outreach week (read BestContinue reading “Sprout”

Now He Sees

R.I.P. Willie Dee Best… My wife and I have sojourned for 10 years in South Africa.  I reflect on a missionary’s life, and how we sacrifice time and proximity to family when in a foreign nation. Distance from family means missing family events: birthdays, graduations and marriages.  The most difficult family event to miss isContinue reading “Now He Sees”

Feels Different

Around this time of the year, our ministry starts to wind down.  Universities begin testing and our team looks forward to evaluating the current year and planning the new year.  However, this year, we continue to do things differently. Recently, our family hosted a ministry planning evening with volunteers from Khayelitsha. While simultaneously welcoming twoContinue reading “Feels Different”


“Leon most of the students are finishing the exams on Thursday, now I don’t know what to do” Our Christian camp for students was beginning today; Tuesday, and I received this message from my volunteer, Akhona.  I just completed the payment for accommodations.  The church owned facility allowed us to book the venue only aContinue reading “Wrestling”