Catalytic Week 2015

Map of Western Cape2015

The first six weeks of the school year lay the foundation for evangelism and provide momentum for launching ministry. Our teams were mobilized with surveys and evangelistic tools to help them as they presented the Gospel. With the help of the larger Western Cape team (all the Campus Crusade for Christ ministries), we presented the Gospel 78 times and 15 people gave their hearts to the Lord. This is only the beginning. Next week is the sixth week and we are trusting God for the impossible.

Our first ever National Catalytic week will be 9 – 13 March 2015. The heart of this time is for all provincial teams to fill their cars with petrol and head to the ends of their provinces and everywhere in between to decode, pray, share the Gospel and determine where God wants to begin spiritual movements. Monday, 9 March, we have three teams of at least two headed to different campuses throughout the Western Cape. By Friday, our hope is to visit 40 new campuses. Friday afternoon as team, we convene and share observation and how God was working on the various campuses. We will then prayerfully select 5-10 new campuses to focus on from now through our time when the Summer Missions team serves in July.

Certainly, these are exciting times. Please join us in praying through the map above and for specific campuses and teams in the chart below. “This is gonna be too good!!!”

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