Catalytic Week Pt. 2


Leon and Jerrah traveled an hour and 45 minutes away from Cape Town to visit a college campus that they knew very little about and our ministry had never been before. It was the first day of Catalytic Week – a radical initiative by our team to set foot on 40 new college campuses before the week was over, in order to gain insight on where else God was working. As they parked and stepped out the car onto a college campus named West Coast College in a town called Vredenberg, their hearts were filled with expectation. How would God reveal himself today?

Walking through the gate, they instantly caught the gaze of what seemed like every student. Leon and Jerrah were clearly outsiders. Pushing through a bit of awkwardness, they were prayerful that God was going to do something at this campus. Entering into the main building, a student walked up to Leon and said with confusion in the tone of his voice, “Hey, I know you!” Leon replied surprisingly, “I know you too.” It turned out they randomly met each other a year ago while at a Cape Town mall. His name was Earnest, and he had the desire to reach his campus for Jesus. He shared that he was vice-Chairmen of the Student Representative Council and there were currently no student organizations on the campus. WE would be the first.

God has impeccable timing! Moreover, two other teammates had visited the area two weeks prior for a training and connected them with a pastor, whose name was Eric. They also were able to meet with him while on the campus. He had an equal desire to reach this campus and his community, and to Leon and Jerrah’s surprise, he and Earnest knew each other! What an amazing opportunity God set before them to partner with these individuals who wish to see the Great Commission fulfilled! More stories similar to this have unfolded as a result of visiting 40 campuses during Catalytic Week. Our team’s aim is to launch ministry on 10 – 12 of these new colleges in the near future. New doors are opening! Thanks for praying.

For His Glory,
Melanie Best

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