Divine Delay

Sometimes the most challenging part of life is waiting…

We are at the end of the first month of 2017. Instead of being in South Africa, we are in Hampton, Virginia waiting for a document from South Africa. When we returned to the U.S., we were excited about seeing family, friends and catching up with ministry partners. It seems we have been side tracked by a visa process that feels consuming, unpredictable and uncertain. Are we frustrated, yes…Disappointed, yes…, Sad, yes… Anxious, yes… Determined to trust God, yes.

What is God doing? He is guiding us and reminding us of His faithfulness. Saturday we saw a family from a Middle Eastern country on the news stranded at JFK airport. I thought that could have been our family. God has allowed us to enjoy fellowship with friends that we have known for varying lengths of time. Man, God is good! On Sunday, we had a chance to visit friend and mentor in Cary, North Carolina at his church. His sermon was on the David and Goliath story. As he shared, he reminded us that David is an archetype of Jesus who is our defender and has obtained victory over an enemy who wanted to destroy us. Just as David cut off the head of Goliath, Jesus has crushed Satan’s head by dying on the cross. We have the victory in His name. God is fighting for us. Also, in my devotional reading about Moses and the time he spent in the desert, God was at work preparing him for his next assignment. I realize that is where I am today. Waiting…God is working on my character, teaching me about who I am and giving me time to reflect. God is good.

Beloved, we are trusting God for our return to South Africa. We want to finish the opportunity of trusting God to see five new staff complete their interview process, four new staff complete their financial support goals, and three Batho Pele student leaders complete their 2nd year in the program and encourage our seven student leaders reaching the universities in our province. Leon is also excited to begin his first year of giving encouragement and leadership to all the Campus Crusade for Christ ministries in the province. Please be praying that God will give us wisdom and encouragement to keep fighting the good fight as we wait.

Praising God for your partnership,
Melanie Best

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