This is 40

A few days ago, I turned 40. I’ll admit I look forward to growing older. However, most people around me don’t enjoy this aging process. Some complain about diminishing physical abilities, memory recall capacities or both. I am glad to be able to keep up with my children, and excited to say I will be chasing a one year old in my 40th year.
My elder three children enjoy reminding me of my mortality. “Dad, you have lots of grey in your beard. Dad, your tummy is a little bigger.” Also at every opportunity, they ask me to reflect on some aspect of my 40 years of life by inquiring, “How do you feel about turning the big 4 – 0?” Staying with their grandparents during the permit delay, gives my children ample ammunition of funny stories of me growing up.

While in Texas waiting to hear from the South African Embassy, my children also visited their parents’ Alma Mater, Rice University. They enjoyed Melanie as their tour guide. The girls paying attention to all past moments and places that were special to Melanie and me. Beside my children learn more about my history, it was unexpected to still be in the US for my birthday, but celebrating the milestone with my parents was a wonderful treat.

In order to appreciate each day, the Lord has extended our stay in the US. My family is now allowing ourselves to be still and have God lead us. I sometimes forget to realize three years between visits to the States is a long time. Spending time with family and friends by sharing firsthand what God is doing on our missions is something that I still enjoy at 40 years old.
Praising God for your partnership,
Leon Best

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