On our flight to South Africa at the end of March, we didn’t know what to expect. We did experience God’s graciousness and compassion. Through a teammate’s kindness, the task of moving out of our Cape Town home was completed quickly. During the last evening of packing, we shared sweet home memories – hosting team parties, summer missions’ teams, young adults from our church, children’s friends coming over, Thanksgiving feasts in South Africa. The rental house we called home since 2014 reflected God’s grace.

In Cape Town, our church family generously provided accommodations during our stay in the country. Friends from church, work and our children’s schools had us over for meals and prayed for our visa situation. I expressed to Melanie this must be what it feels like to be fed by ravens.

My family was also able to attend special events while in South Africa. Melanie and I attended the 2017 CCC South African Staff Conference. Melanie and I were encouraged by increased involvement, influence and recruitment from our missions’ organization. After National Staff Conference, we were present at the farewell to our US teammates the Jacksons. Jerrah & Tammi Jackson heard God’s call to work at a church in the US. I mentored Jerrah, counselled him in marriage and was his ministry team leader in South Africa. Our families have been together for the past eight years. I laughed how his first son was born on my anniversary. Although we had these special moments, God was most gracious to our children.

Mack, Noel and Nala could attend school while we were in Cape Town. Mack practiced with his elite rugby team, and from this experience he understands what he must do to keep fit. Noel missed the deadline for 2018 high school applications. However, after dropping her late application at one school, we received a phone call two hours later that shared Noel had been accepted. God is compassionate.

We returned to Houston, TX on April 25. Our family places our faith in God, even though we don’t know when we will be able to return to Cape Town. Melanie and I have been able to enroll our children in US schools. Pray for them during this last month of school. We have stored our South African life, friends are holding our vehicles and a core team has been established to lead the ministry while I’m away. God has shown us His compassion during this difficult time. God is good, all the time…

Psalm 116:5 – Gracious is the LORD, and righteous; Yes, our God is compassionate.

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