17 years and counting..

How does a couple celebrate 17 years of marriage? There is no special designation for this number, no diamond, silver or gold. The anniversary year is not a multiple of 5, and I can’t round our number to 20. Although there is no elegant title, this year manifested God’s grace upon our marriage. I love Melanie more than ever before, but what do you do for the 17th time? Safari in the Serengeti or helicopter ride over Victoria Falls; no, still saving for these adventurous endeavors. However, we chose something that would invest in and strengthen the foundation of our marriage, so we attended Family Life’s Weekend to Remember in Houston. As the getaway promotes, it did…

• address issues as they arise, rather than letting resentments fester;
• express feelings positively, so your partner remains engaged in the discussion;
• resolve conflict in healthy, biblical ways;
• forgive one another freely and completely;
• increase your commitment to your marriage, resulting in deeper intimacy.

This is a great way to spend a non-special designated number anniversary. You can learn more
about the Family Life event on their website: http://www.familylife.com/weekend-to-remember.

After this fantastic weekend, Melanie and I celebrated Elle’s first birthday. She devoured her first cake. You can find pictures on our Facebook page. Elle’s birth also demonstrated God’s grace during our 17th year. Please continue to pray for our marriage.
Next month we travel to Washington, DC to talk with the South African Embassy. Pray the SA officials will receive our documents for approval. Thank you for your prayers and continued financial support during our extended stay in the US.

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