Coast to Coast: 19 July

During the National Staff Conference, all the campus ministry staff members gather to hear vision for moving forward with ministry and  encouraging stories of life transformations.

One of the leaders in the Cru High ministry, Hung Thach, shared stories about ministry in Long Beach, California.  He also shared his families testimony of how God radically changed the course of their lives.  His family,  needing to flee persecution, was stranded and left behind in his home country.  As they stood on the beach shore, there was a boat about 2 miles in the ocean. His father was led to gain the attention of the boat by catching the sun’s light military reflection mirror and directing it towards the window of boat.  The captain of the boat saw the light and made the decision to risk the lives of his passengers and himself to rescue Hung’s family, he was three months old at the time. In God’s sovereignty, the boat returned to fetch them and years later God used him in the lives of teenagers in Tennessee and now California.  Hung used his testimony to challenge and remind us of what we are called to do in obedience to God.  He asked us this question:

Because Christ risked it all, will you risk it all and abandon safety and self preservation to turn the boat around?

This question is a sweet reminder to me to persevere through this season in my life, season of waiting, because someone will hear about Christ and go on to reach others.

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