November 1, 2017

“Do you think you will go back this year?”

“Mom, I honestly don’t know.  We would have to hear from the embassy this week to have the possibility of leaving this year,” as I walk away, I say Lord, I just don’t know.  I certainly would like to know but God you know what is best.

I leave the room to find my cell phone. Looking at my email box, it is the usual promotions and advertisements then I see:

From: Washington, Consular Clerk, LRP

I say a prayer…I open the email to find this one-line response

Your Waiver Applications have been approved.



After 10 months, God answered.  In my life, God has said yes and no to my prayer requests.  He reminded me that sometimes the response can be “Wait.”

I am not able to share the why we went through this process, but I know I trust Him now more than ever with my life.

Praising God for your partnership,

Melanie Best


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