By the Brook


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“The ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening, and he drank from the brook,” I Kings 17:6.  I have always wondered about this passage in the Bible whether Elijah was able to relax or was he anxious by the brook.  As Melanie and I begin to prepare to return from being fed by the ravens in the US, reading updates from South African teammates has been encouraging.


With technology, I have been able to help set direction for the four ministry lanes of the province; Student-Led Movements, Global Church Movements, Leader Impact and Digital Strategies.  Below are two highlights from 2017 in Cape Town.  Leader Impact initiated a small group training series called Bursting Your Bubble (BYB).  Also, Student-Led Movements (SLM) ended the year with a function for their student leaders.

Leader Impact’s BYB was a DVD training series designed for professionals to equip them to engage colleagues in spiritual conversations.  The training sessions were well received, and contacts were made with influential individuals.  We are hoping to form Leader Impact groups that consist of Christians and non-Christians looking together at leadership principles from a Christian perspective helping one another to develop and grow both professionally and spiritually.  It would be great for these involved professionals to serve our Student-Led Movements with their expertise in the near future.


Our SLM year-end function with our students was a great success. Our SLM staff celebrated what the Lord had done in their students’ lives and on their campuses. They had fun and laughs playing Jenga and 30 Seconds.  Everyone learned a lot more about the hidden talents and personalities of each other.  They encouraged one another and most importantly, glorified Jesus. With students like these, the future of South Africa is bright.  These Spirit-filled laborers are making an impact building bridges at their universities, churches, communities and soon, in the work place. An estimated 2000 people were impacted by these students this year. Pray for our students as they take their final exams.

“Some time later the brook dried up… Then the word of the Lord came to him:” I Kings 17:7-8.  Pray for us as we listen to God on how He will guide us back to Cape Town.  We are thankful for His provision these 10 months in the US.


Leon Best

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