Where do we begin?

Last October, we said farewell to our only female campus staff member, Bianca.  I mentored her during 2018 and completed her training.  Then God did something new in her life.  Bianca was appointed to our Leadership Development/Human Resource department at our head office in Pretoria.  This native Capetonian was moving.  In any time of transition, I ask the Lord who will He raise up and how will we go forward.  He answered this question quickly.  One of the young ladies Bianca was disciplining decided to join our ministry. Vendji, a graduate student from Namibia, applied for our internship program and recently was accepted as a Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) intern.

Now CCC has an extensive 2-year training program for interns and new staff.  When I train team members, I always think ask myself, “Where do we begin? What should we cover in each week?”  Fortunately, my teammate Nyameka, Crossroads staff member, agreed to join me in the journey of helping Vendji trust God more by building into her life.  For our first training time at the University of the Western Cape, I prayed about the best way to begin our training.  “Must we go over this new staff curriculum, ministry partner development,” I prayed.  Then God brought to my mind, take her out to share her faith using the Four Spiritual Laws.  I told the Lord this is a great idea. What better way to help her see the need and infuse her with the passion to reach those who don’t know the Lord.  Our first training and evangelistic time, Vendji saw two young ladies pray to receive Christ.  Wow! Since Vendji lives on campus, she can follow up with them and possibly help them get established in their faith.  When we ask God for wisdom, He truly gives it freely and in it He is glorified.

As I look back on the month of April, there have been lots of training moments. Leon and I began potty training our fourth child Elle. Let’s just say we have had our ups and downs.  Midway through the first week I experienced a breakdown, Elle had another messy mishap and I shouted in utter frustration in front of Elle.  Later in the day, I chatted with Elle and in her sweetest little voice she asked me, “Are you mad at me?”  I told her that mommy was just a little frustrated because we had an accident on the floor earlier.  My two-year-old said, “I’m sorry.” I apologized as well because I did not mean to discourage her. Breakthrough! From that day, she has had successful days and nights. I am so glad I did not give up.

I am excited that God has given me the opportunity to share in this process again of training new staff like Vendji and potty training another daughter, Elle.  I have always told young moms that toilet training is spiritual warfare, as is anything we do to build the kingdom of God. I can look forward to God teaching me how to be patient, full of grace, faith, hope and vision.  Please pray for me.


Melanie Best

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