Nicest Face

6 – 10 May, Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) hosted Cape Town Baptist College students again. CTBC Mission Week sends the novice theologians to apply their biblical knowledge into their local communities.  I’ll admit it’s a highlight for me during the year.  If you remember from past updates, I’ve had some interesting experiences with the CTBC crew.  In general, I have witnessed fear turn to confidence in Christ, and arrogance to humility in God’s grace.  This partnership continues to benefit all who participate, and this year 15 students were assigned to our organization.  Diverse spiritual backgrounds represented this year’s CTBC team.  Current pastors, an evangelist and a pastor’s wife were included instead of the usual group of future pulpit ministers.

Mission week activities have evolved for CCC as well.  In the past, we would only send CTBC to universities to share the gospel to students.  Now they experience outreaches in the university, local community and marketplace during the week.

Have you shared your faith to business people?  John*, current pastor, stated he didn’t even know it was possible to share the gospel in the corporate setting.  During our debrief time, John expressed he realized he had prejudice to Muslims.  He recalled a past bad business deal with a Muslim that made him avoid people of the Islamic faith.  On the first day of mission week, the CTBC students were paired together to begin spiritual conversations at a financial institution’s corporate headquarters.  John and his partner were afraid to do evangelism and desired to talk with someone with the “nicest face they could find.”  The duo located someone who fit this description.  They had a great conversation with the financial analyst and to John’s surprise the gentleman was Muslim.  God allowed John to share with someone of a different faith.  This lesson God used to encourage John to speak with more Muslims and not to avoid individuals created in the image of God.

You can see why I enjoy equipping future Christian workers to be a part of the Great Commission.  Pray these students will continued to be challenged to move out of their comfort zones to love their neighbor.


Leon Best, Jr.

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