Personal Update 2019

Winter has arrived in Cape Town. Unbelievable, it was one year ago that our city averted Day Zero and 10 years ago, 24 June, the Best Family arrived in Cape Town.  What a journey this has been?  It reminds me of the old hymn, ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus’.   Our family has had a lot exciting activity this month and we just wanted to share it with you.

Our son, Mack, had an incredible opportunity to play for his provincial team in the under-16 Grant Khomo week.  This is so exciting for him because three years ago he played for the under-13 team.  Leon and I are encouraged that God has allowed him to accomplish his rugby goals.   It was our prayer that he would glorify God as he interacted with his teammates and opponents.  We are happy to share his Western Province team won the championship game and he scored a try in their 34-10 win. 

Noel is very focused. She made top 10 academically in her class.  It is such a blessing to see how God uses her to encourage her peers.  One of her dance friends received some disappointing news. With intentional listening and careful words, she encouraged reconciliation and peace amongst disagreeing friends.  They were able to move forward together, “…forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead… (Philippians 3:13)” July will be busy for Noel, because she will be performing in her school’s musical. 

Nala was selected by her classmates to be finalist in the school pageant.  The pageant’s purpose is fun and promotes school spirit and community service.  At the end of this pageant, one girl is named Miss Blessie, the nickname for the school’s mascot; a red-billed coot.  After dance routines, a sports routine and an interview, Nala was named Miss Blessie 2019.  I learned so much about my teenager during this process. I told her to file this in her memory as God’s grace on her life.  She is a foreigner who has been given such a sweet platform to love, care and share Christ with her peers.

Little Miss Elle turned three years old on 12 June.  She regularly makes up new songs to practice her colors.  She loves to pretend being a teacher, princess and superhero.  Her prayers to God have grown. She prays for Daddy and Mommy regularly and occasionally she will pray for her siblings when she thinks they are listening.

Leon and I have celebrated our 19th year of marriage.  We both agree that our desire is to obey God in everything we do.  Our hearts are full and grateful for all that He has done.

Yours in Christ,

Melanie Best

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