Joy and Sorrow

Leon and Mack just returned from a great campus visit at Life University in Marietta, GA near Atlanta. Mack received his acceptance and is waiting for his financial aid. He had the opportunity to meet the head rugby coach, teammates, academic counselor, and students. Mack will train with the Life rugby team in July and attend classes in the fall. He is excited to be moving forward. 

Mack at a campus visit to Life University.

Noel and Nala are adjusting well with their high school courses. Noel made the dance team this month and set some personal records in track for shot put and discus. Nala also had athletic success making it to area competition on the 4X400 relay team. They were both asked to be on the leadership team for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for their high school next year. Both girls are making friends at church and school. 

Noel( shot put and discus) and Nala (sprint, long jump and relays)

Nala shared recently that God flooded her heart with joy and sadness as she realized the things she did not get to in South Africa and the opportunities God has given her in Texas. She desired to be baptized by her father in her home church in South Africa; however, the pandemic did not allow for this special event to occur. Nala is excited about participating on a summer mission trip in June. Joy and sorrow are always in tension in transition.

Elle had a moment of tears when I discussed some changes with her. She allowed herself to cry realizing she missed her old normal in SA.  It was precious. I ask how I could help, and she desired a playdate.  Recently, Elle had her first playdate! I have been reading Raising Third Culture Kids and it has helped me be patient to give the kids freedom to be sad.  My girls are very grateful, but they miss their SA home.

Leon and I are well. Transition has been very expensive, but God is providing.  We had dinner with former staff Jessie Marcos and his wife, Cru associate staff, Tricia Marcos.  It was great catching up. We haven’t seen them in 18 years! We also spoke with the new mission pastor at our church. It was great to hear his heart for the mission field. Leon and I are registered for a retreat for missionaries coming off the field called Still Watters and Cru 22, our national staff conference.  We are thrilled to go as a couple to Family Life’s Weekend to Remember in June. This summer Leon is also taking a couple of seminary classes from Cru at Reform Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL. The summer will be busy!


Melanie Best

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