Leon and his IBS Friends

Evangelism and discipleship have been two words that have shaped my life for the past two decades. I enjoy sharing the message of the gospel and helping people to grow in their walks with the Lord. These past two month I had the opportunity to complete my theological development courses through Cru’s Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS). All Cru Staff are required to complete an eleven core IBS courses. These required courses we take during our staff life are crucial to our ministry.

The nature of the mission to which Cru staff have been called requires kingdom-workers with a passion for God who are growing ever deeper in our ability to understand and apply His Word to our own lives and the lives of those to whom we minister. I need to treasure Christ and be captured by a vision of His greatness; a leader who can apply the resources of the gospel to the lives of broken people; and possess great confidence in the promises of God.

In May, I completed Biblical Interpretation virtually and this month finished Biblical Communication at Rollins College in Orlando, Florida. These were my last classes for my IBS completion! I was blessed to have a wonderful coach and great peer group that helped to refresh my spirit, revitalize my vision, and challenge my thinking.  Completing this curriculum has further developed my evangelism and discipleship. This prepared me well when I shared with an individual who believes White men have corrupted the Bible, Black-Americans are the true Israelites and Jesus was a good man. Pray for my future gospel conversations and discipleship times with individuals.

My family and I will do extensive travelling in July. Nala is on a mission trip in Orlando, Florida. Mack is playing rugby in Valladolid, Spain. Noel will do beach outreach in Panama City, Florida. Melanie, Elle, and I will attend a missionary retreat and Cru staff conference in Wisconsin. Please pray for our road trips, domestic and international flights.


Leon Best, Jr.

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