I had the pleasure of doing ministry with my family last week.  Our Cru Youth group partnered with Student Christian Organization (SCO) to put on the 3 – day Christian camp.  The rustic campground was a converted military base which overlooks beautiful ocean views.  90 high school and primary students from area townships (Khayelitsha, Masiphumelele,Continue reading “Immersion”


This March I had an overheated schedule with hosting three US mission team, organizing a cycling charity group, rescuing my wife from an overheated car three hours away in a small town and did I forget to mention we are fully engaged in toilet training our youngest daughter, Elle.  Reflecting over this ministry and life-filledContinue reading “Overheated”


My wife received her degree in Biology. When I perused through her lab during our dating years, the scientific space was filled with numerous plants in different phases of germination, the process of a seed growing to a seedling.  She enjoyed seeing her seeds sprout. A few years ago, during Catalytic outreach week (read BestContinue reading “Sprout”

Now He Sees

R.I.P. Willie Dee Best… My wife and I have sojourned for 10 years in South Africa.  I reflect on a missionary’s life, and how we sacrifice time and proximity to family when in a foreign nation. Distance from family means missing family events: birthdays, graduations and marriages.  The most difficult family event to miss isContinue reading “Now He Sees”