Feels Different

Around this time of the year, our ministry starts to wind down.  Universities begin testing and our team looks forward to evaluating the current year and planning the new year.  However, this year, we continue to do things differently. Recently, our family hosted a ministry planning evening with volunteers from Khayelitsha. While simultaneously welcoming twoContinue reading “Feels Different”


“Leon most of the students are finishing the exams on Thursday, now I don’t know what to do” Our Christian camp for students was beginning today; Tuesday, and I received this message from my volunteer, Akhona.  I just completed the payment for accommodations.  The church owned facility allowed us to book the venue only aContinue reading “Wrestling”

Reliable Men

“Multiplying disciple to the 4th generation.”  This is a new mantra we utilize on my Western Cape ministry team.  2 Timothy 2:2 describes four generations of disciples (Paul, Timothy, reliable men, others) training individuals on how to evangelize and build people in their faith to be sent to tell others about Jesus. A person weContinue reading “Reliable Men”

Day Zero

Day Zero?! Day Zero, when the city’s water taps run dry will be June 4, 2018.  This warning saturated the social media, TV and radio airwaves on are arrival into Cape Town. The idea of Day Zero was introduced by local government to alert everyone to the water crisis in the city. Day Zero helpedContinue reading “Day Zero”