Coast to Coast: 11 July – 12 July

Tuesday we spent the day gathering documents and waiting for various documents to come from Campus Crusade for Christ South Africa. It was such a blessing to have their support as we requested two very detailed documents in a short time. Our documents were completed, printed and signed on Wednesday morning just in time toContinue reading “Coast to Coast: 11 July – 12 July”


On our flight to South Africa at the end of March, we didn’t know what to expect. We did experience God’s graciousness and compassion. Through a teammate’s kindness, the task of moving out of our Cape Town home was completed quickly. During the last evening of packing, we shared sweet home memories – hosting teamContinue reading “Gracious”

This is 40

A few days ago, I turned 40. I’ll admit I look forward to growing older. However, most people around me don’t enjoy this aging process. Some complain about diminishing physical abilities, memory recall capacities or both. I am glad to be able to keep up with my children, and excited to say I will beContinue reading “This is 40”