Glowing Embers

The year-old embers of the #FeesMustFall protest burst into flames recently on South African campuses. Young people’s distress of annual tuition fee increases evolved to demands of free higher education. For the past two weeks, violence and vandalism caused by protesters has shut down major universities. Students frustrated by government officials’ unwillingness to come toContinue reading “Glowing Embers”

Church..not for me

Establishing Catalytic Week, an annual national outreach which aids in launching new movements in South Africa, last year continued to produce encouraging results in 2016. Last month’s update shared about following up campuses in the Eastern Cape. Walter Sisulu University movement began through the Catalytic Week initiative. Along with setting foot on 40 campuses inContinue reading “Church..not for me”

Is God Absent?

April saw the birth of a new outreach in South Africa. Leon gathered the three new staff out of the comforts of their home, Western Cape Province, and journeyed to the unfamiliar Eastern Cape Province for a ministry road trip. This endeavor brought our young ministry team to different universities with the purpose of trainingContinue reading “Is God Absent?”

The Aftermath

The 6th week of the university calendar marks an important milestone each year. During this time our engaged students conclude their 1st terms. This pause allows everyone to evaluate their six weeks of ministry planning to see what God is doing, and we saw movements develop. God used their faithfulness and time to reach outContinue reading “The Aftermath”