Reliable Men

Members of Western Cape Staff Team. Henk is pictured on the far left.

“Multiplying disciple to the 4th generation.”  This is a new mantra we utilize on my Western Cape ministry team.  2 Timothy 2:2 describes four generations of disciples (Paul, Timothy, reliable men, others) training individuals on how to evangelize and build people in their faith to be sent to tell others about Jesus. A person we are discipling, who shares his faith and then helps others to grow in their faith, we describe as a “multiplying” disciple.  Our goal as a team this year is to see each of us have five multiplying disciples by the end of the year.  This would mean a total of 50 new workers in the harvest (Matt 9:37).  Please pray for us as we strive to accomplish this ambitious goal.

Melanie and I are training new South African staff this year.  Recently, our team had an outreach at the University of Western Cape (UWC).  I paired with Henk, a new South African staff member. We surveyed our surroundings and saw two young men having a conversation outside the main hall.  Henk and I walked to them and introduced ourselves.  The young men welcomed us and asked us to sit.  I shared light banter and then ask them questions about their experience with the Christian religion.  The UWC students both believed Christianity was a ‘White man’s” religion used to control the African masses and take their land.  They desired to pursue something more indigenous.  I appreciated them candidly sharing and asked them if I could share my thoughts on Christianity as a Black American.  Our discussion went well, and he thanked me for answering tough questions they had about God.  They desired to keep the “Four Laws,” the gospel tool I used to share with them about God’s love and plan for their lives.

After the conclusion to our gospel conversation Henk appreciated how I communicated the gospel to the students.  He was happy God allowed me to return to Cape Town and I would be training him in ministry.  I am joyful to be able to disciple another young staff member and see him have the opportunity to disciple reliable men who will then teach others.  Having these discussions with future leaders of this nation and mentoring new staff reminds me why God has called me to this nation.  Thank you for your prayers and financial support.


Leon Best

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