Hidden Light

Sweat on my brow and lungs slightly burning are the welcoming gifts of the University of Cape Town (UCT). Set on the mountain side, I began my campus outreach with a journey to “Moscow on the Hill.” Read more… 201403_HiddenLight


All this has been exacerbated by me damaging our “good” car by scraping a wall which pulled off the entire front bumper. As a new South African friend muses, “Your car has a shave,” which I reply, ”Yes, just like its owner.” Read more… 2014-02 Besttimes


Leon and I navigated through an activity filled November. I started the month traveling to Little Rock, AR to aid my pregnant older sister… When I returned to Houston, Leon was ordained at our church. Read more….201312_Navigate


What kind of a report will they bring back? Will God confirm their calling to Cape Town? These were the questions that filled my head. Here is what the Lord showed them and taught them during their visit. Read more…201310_Scouts


Nala suggested that this month we talk about courage in our newsletter. I asked her if she knew the meaning of courage. “Courage is being bold as you tell people about Jesus. You have to have lots of strength to do what God has called you to do,” Read more…201309_Courage

Kids Update

This newsletter I will devote to Mack, Noel and Nala to share about how they are settling into the US. Let me begin with my first born Leon Mack. Read more…201303_KidsUpdate